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Dr. Condren has a deep wealth of knowledge concerning what is called the "leaky gut syndrome" and how it can be a substantial problem in many different medical diseases. For food allergy testing, he highly recommends using the blood test done by ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies Laboratories.  This is a very unique blood test in that the test is done on alive & active white blood cells, specifically on a class of white cells called lymphocytes. Blood is drawn into a special preservative and is shipped overnight to the lab. The living lymphocytes are exposed to each of the food and chemical items that are being tested, and then examined under a microscope for a cell surface reaction that indicates a "delayed" allergic response to that item. For more information on this test, go to www.elisaact.com.

Based on years of working with patients with this test, Dr. Condren has arranged to have his own personal ELISA/ACT allergen panel set up through the lab. His panel consists of 165 foods and 35 chemicals. The cost for this panel is $350 and there is no insurance coverage for it. At a cost of less than $2 per allergen tested, this test is a bargain. Most other blood allergy tests charge $5-$10 per allergen tested and do not use living lymphocytes to test for an allergic response.

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