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Heavy metal oral chelation therapy
Dr. Condren has broad experience in using both intravenous and oral prescription chelating medicines, and other oral non-prescription chelating substances. The word "chelation" is derived from the Latin word for “claw” and is commonly used to describe the process of eliminating heavy metals from the body.  The word chelation has been applied to treatments that range from the use of intravenous strongly chelating agents (such as DMPS and EDTA) to the taking of certain nutritional supplements orally that can have a mild chelating effect.

One of the biggest challenges that Dr. Condren has faced in his career is that many chronically ill patients poorly tolerate taking both intravenous and prescription oral chelating agents.  Dr. Christopher Shade, who founded the Quicksilver Scientific Lab, has shown that these people have significantly impaired kidney excretion of mercury.  When these people take strong chelating agents, the heavy metals get “stirred up” in the body, but are not eliminated well through the kidneys.  Dr. Shade has formulated a product that binds mercury only in the lumen of the intestinal tract to avoid this “stirring up” problem.  This product is also available in a homeopathic form for patients with very sensitive metabolisms so that they can take it in very small doses initially and gradually build up the dose as tolerated.  Dr. Condren has found Dr. Slade's products to be very useful oral chelating treatments that are much stronger than all the other non-prescription oral chelating agents he has used in the past.

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