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Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic are known to be toxic to the body.  With the exception of lead in children, allopathic medical doctors practicing standard “scientific” medicine don’t consider heavy metals to be a problem unless a person is exposed to unusually high levels of them, such as in an industrial workplace environment or in lower Manhattan after the 9/11/01 bombing of the World Trade Center.  However, medical doctors practicing Complementary Medicine are concerned about the potential toxic effect of the slow, gradual accumulation of these heavy metals in the body.

Mercury is well established in the field of scientific toxicology to be by far the most toxic heavy metal. Lead is the second worst toxic heavy metal.  “Silver” dental fillings in teeth are actually 50% mercury and only about 15% silver. It has been scientifically proven that every time one chews, a small amount of mercury vapor comes out of “silver” fillings and is inhaled into the body.  The body’s ability to detoxify and eliminate heavy metals can be significantly limited compared to the current exposure that most people have in today’s modern world.

Dr. Condren has extensive experience in both areas of laboratory testing and treatment of heavy metal toxicity. He has found that the mercury testing done by Quicksilver Scientific Laboratory is by far the most accurate and useful heavy metal lab test.  This test uses extremely sensitive methodology to measure mercury in blood, hair and urine.  By comparing the mercury levels of the 3 different samples, one can measure both mercury load as well one’s ability to excrete mercury out of the body.  For more information about this test, go to www.quicksilverscientific.com.


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