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Laboratory testing

Dr. Condren has done a very wide range of laboratory testing on patients throughout his career. The laboratory tests that he recommends and utilizes are only those that in his experience have significant clinical use for treating patients.

Laboratory testing begins with the
standard blood laboratory tests that are commonly used by "allopathic" medical doctors that have been trained in traditional U.S medical schools and residency programs. Dr. Condren usually does standard blood testing beyond what allopathic doctors typically test for when you go for a "physical exam" appointment, or if you ask to receive tests of your hormonal health. These standard blood laboratory tests are almost always covered by health insurance policies.

In addition, there are other specialty lab tests that Dr. Condren recommends that are extremely useful when certain common clinical symptoms and/or medical conditions are present in a person. These tests are often not covered by health insurance plans. There are many specialty lab tests available in the complementary medicine field.  Some of the specialty lab tests are pricey but of great value, some are a waste of time and money, and the majority of them are somewhere between these two extremes. You can be assured that Dr. Condren will suggest only the specialty complementary medicine lab tests that he knows are necessary and appropriate to your individual medical condition.

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