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Neurotransmitters are biological molecules that the body’s billions of nerve cells use to communicate with each other via their synaptic endings.  Brain and body function deteriorate if the physiologically required supply and balance of neurotransmitters is not adequate.  These neurotransmitters are primarily synthesized from amino acids (which come from protein) by the body.  Taking properly balanced large doses of the amino acid precursors can have a profound influence on many diseases that are affected by neurotransmitter status in the body. For more information on neurotransmitters, click here.

Dr. Martin Hinz is a medical doctor who has been doing clinical research on the effects of using amino acid precursors on neurotransmitter function since the late 1990’s.  Dr. Condren has been following his evolving research since 2002.  Dr. Hinz’s peer-reviewed research is by far the most advanced work being done in this field.  He has been publishing very technical medical papers (15 of them as of 2/2013) on various topics relating to optimizing the balance of synaptic neurotransmitters.

More information regarding optimizing neurotransmitter status (including links to the peer-reviewed published articles)
can be found at Dr. Alvin Stein's website.

Dr. Hinz works with the DBS Laboratory (www.labdbs.com). The lab does urine testing to assess the function of important cell membrane transporters that determine the body’s balance of the most important neurotransmitters in the body, which are serotonin and dopamine.  Dr. Condren has been using this testing in his practice since it first became available from DBS Labs. 


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