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You may have read or heard conflicting information about how important high cholesterol levels in your blood are for increasing your future risk of having a heart attack, stroke, or other problems relating to hardening of the arteries. A criticism that Dr. Condren has of traditional standard "scientific" medicine is the over-prescription of cholesterol-lowering medications. Contrary to popular medical dogma, LDL cholesterol is not always "bad". The number and size of the LDL particles has a substantial impact on the future risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Doing a more detailed lipid panel that assesses either the number or size of LDL particles is an important factor in assessing the need for statin medications.

Dr. Condren also routinely tests for high-sensitivity CRP levels in his patients with high cholesterol levels. A high CRP level (over 3.0) is a very important risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease and can be a significant indicator for statin medication use, since statin medications have been shown to lower CRP levels.

Dr. Condren strongly believes that anybody taking statin medications should be supplementing with UBIQUINOL (an excellent form of CoQ10) which is normally manufactured in the body from cholesterol.

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