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Dietary recommendations

Most people agree that the kinds of food that you eat in your daily diet have a strong influence on your overall health.  The quality of nutritional counseling that is given by registered dieticians (R.D.’s) in hospitals is limited because they do not have an extensive knowledge of nutritional biochemistry.

Dr. Condren can help direct you in learning what kinds of changes you should make to your diet (and the reasons why should do them) to improve your health.  He has many written patient education documents with this knowledge for you to take home to support your efforts in making your diet healthier.

For those that are interested in dietary weight loss advice, Dr. Condren has written guidelines for you to adhere to a restricted-calorie healthy diet.  These weight loss diet plans are low-fat and are low-glycemic in order to limit the intake of foods that cause easy weight gain.  The diet plans have specific serving size information and allow you to choose among a wide variety of healthy foods.


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