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Bio-identical hormone replacement

The chemical structure of a prescribed hormone is extremely important when it comes to hormone replacement therapy.  Biologically identical hormones have the exact same chemical structure and function of the hormones that are produced by the human body.  Bio-identical hormones have the same physiological effect as naturally-produced hormones on the body’s cells and are metabolized the same way as the body’s hormones.  When prescribed properly, bio-identical hormones are safe and have a rejuvenating effect on the body.  Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy forms the basis of the growing “anti-aging medicine” field.

In contrast, “synthetic” hormones have had their chemical structure changed by a pharmaceutical company so that the company can patent the hormonal drug in order to generate much higher profits.  Synthetic hormones can potentially be dangerous (usually because they are too strong) and have substantial possible side effects even when prescribed properly.  For example, all birth control pills contain synthetic female sex hormones because these hormonal drugs are so strong that they inhibit women from ovulating.  It makes no logical sense to use these synthetic hormonal drugs when the medical goal is to support normal physiological and biochemical processes when the body’s natural hormonal levels are low.

Dr. Condren uses only bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  He has substantial experience in prescribing these natural hormones and has seen great health benefits in patients who use them properly.  Dr. Condren diagnoses and monitors treatment using these hormone tests.

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